The Overflowing Now

by Wanderbaum

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released May 25, 2017

Zeger Gabriel Vandenbussche : Voice, Doublebass, Guitar, Clarinet, Saxophone, Ney, Mouthharp, Percussion, Monochord, Gongs
Francois Taillefer : Percussion on track 1 & 7
Benoit Marchand : Ngoni on track 3
Robbe Kieckens : Percussion on track 3
A flock of Andalusian goats : Bells on track 4
Fulco Ottervanger : Piano on track 7
Wilma Pistorius : Cello on track 7
Winne Clement : Fujara on track 8
Eran Fakir Glantz : Ney on track 9

All compositions by Zeger Gabriel Vandenbussche
except track 6 by Alfredo Gregório de Melo

Recorded and produced by Zeger Vandenbussche
& mixed by Peter Desmedt at Studio Ledeberg
Mastered by Üwe Teichert at Elektropolis



all rights reserved


Wanderbaum Belgium

Wanderbaum is an ongoing journey to the place where all meet as one, the inner garden where the music of our being grows and flourishes.

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Track Name: Into the Void
Into the void

The wind blows through my mind
unravelling all my thoughts

A star leads me until I reach
the edges of this world

And when I step into the void
with every step the ground appears
and all the birds surrounding me
waking up my soul

And when you step into the void
with every step the ground appears
and all the birds surrounding you
singing what you are

The monkeys quiet down
While gazing at the sun

And through their eyes I see
the boundlessness within

And when I step into the void...

All the obstacles that jammed my way
Turn to stepping stones

Smiling through the smoke and mirrors
I walk my way back home

And when I step into the void...
Track Name: The Overflowing Now
The overflowing Now

The line between inside and out
is blurring out of sight
my dreams I dream out loud

While we got lost in endless wonder
the buffoon leapfrogs the yonder
into the great beyond

We fill the abyss with our laughter
purge out Before and After
and plunge into the Now

Here comes the Light
there’s nothing quiet so bright
our senses taking flight

The world we knew dissolves in love
the in and out appease
below befriends above

This journey ends where it began
the universe implodes
in a tiny little bang

Love is all there is
spiraling up our souls
in this overflowing Now
Track Name: Abelinha
Abelinha (Alfredo Gregório de Melo)

Nasceu de mim
Aqui eu passo para ti
Para poderes seguir
Aqui dentro do jardim

Sou eu, és tu
Deus foi quem nos fez assim
Para eu rogar por ti
E tu rogares por mim

O meu perfume
Transbordante deste amor
A abelhinha que sentir
Já encosta nesta flor

Eu vou seguindo
Com este amor gravado em mim
Eu vejo muitas dando voltas
E fica em torno de si

E esta prece
Vem da força deste brilho
O nosso Pai que está no Céu
Reconhece os Vossos filhos
Track Name: Waves Come and Go
Waves Come and Go

Above the thin line
between what's yours and mine
a bird sings its song to the sun

The light falls on your face
I recognized you as me
and now I can let myself be

I am washed away to the sea
waves come and go
I just let things be

I closed my eyes
in the garden of mirrors
and found your image within

Its brightness cleared my mind
I forgot what never was
remembered what will always be

I am washed away to the sea
waves come and go
I just let things be

I look through your eyes
to the light that's inside me
You sing through my mouth about us

And here now as one we are free
the thin line between you and me
dissolves in the breath of the One